* * Dear friends, Good Morning, We are pleased inform that latest edition of Banker's Digest is ready and the details are furnished in annexures. Interested may indent for the same. The book is meant for the ensuing promotion process and to all carreer aspirants. Thanks and Regards, NSN Reddy * *

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N.S.N. Reddy

“In today’s environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it” Joseph Badaracco

Employees play vital role in service organizations and they need to be transformed into Knowledge Assets to remain competitive in the dynamic environment and it is more so with Banks as they are very service sensitive. Thus it is imperative for the bank staff to serve the clientele with updated information of bank’s products & services to accomplish corporate objectives.

In this endeavor, I have been compiling and releasing the “Banker’s Digest” every year for the benefit of Bankers since 2007. Ninth edition of Banker’s Digest is released duly covering the important guidelines issued by RBI from time to time. For the benefit of the readers, the present edition is covering Banking & Finance, contemporary topics as well as Question Bank, which is of immense use for promotion aspirants.

All possible care is taken to provide error free information, however, readers may note that the information given herein is merely for guidance/reference and they need to refer the relevant circulars for full details.

I express my sincere thanks to friends/colleagues for their support in encouraging the idea and contributing the required resources for release of Banker’s Digest on time. I solicit your views on the content and quality of the topics for further improvement.

Wish you all the Success....N S N Reddy


One of the important functions of the Banks is to accept deposits from the public for the purpose of lending. In fact, depositors are the major stakeholders of the Banking System. The depositors and their interests form the key area of the regulatory framework for banking in India....



Quostionaire on Current Banking, Core Banking, KYC, Account Opening, Types of Accounts, Educational and Housing loans, Current Shemes in Banks. It supports who wish to join in Banking services.


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